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Flight Expansions from the London Luton Airport

By Luton247 Airport Parking | 30/03/2019 | Luton


Turkey Connections from Luton Airport

With the development and expansion of Luton Airport, London, many new connections are being established from it to other countries for the very first time. This is something which lies not only in the benefit of the airport itself but also tends to facilitate the people who will now be able to travel from their nearest airport to a number of cities all around the globe.

One of the biggest steps forward in this direction was taken when SunExpress decided to launch 4 new connection to Turkey, Antalya from London Luton Airport. It was the first flight launched by SunExpress to Antalya. SunExpress had four new destinations on its list to which it aimed to launch its flights, Antalya being the first one. The remaining three destinations also bridge the gap between London and Turkey, forming connections between the London Luton Airport and the Turkish cities of Bodrum, Ankara and Gaziantep respectively.
This is a huge achievement for both the parties as it will serve as a means to bring both the countries really close together by shrinking the travel time between them to a mere few hours!
Apart from this, SunExpress also offers a twice weekly flight to the city of Izmir and has been doing so for the past three years now.

At the moment, London Luton Airport is the only one in the United Kingdom which offers direct flights from the United Kingdom to Turkish cities: Ankara and Gaziantep. All the other airports offer no or connecting flights to these destinations.

Taner Beyoglu, the new director of the Turkish Culture & Tourism Office for the UK and Ireland attended a launch event a launch event. He expressed his happiness in kind words and exclaimed that he was glad to be a part of this occasion which marks the success of SunExpress and London Luton Airport.
He was more than happy to see that so many new Turkish destinations are being launched by the London Luton Airport and the SunExpress to minimize the distance between the two countries. This he believed was a step which would help in the promotion of Turkish Tourism among the British people will enable them to access multiple destinations and fascinating resorts easily making their experience more fun and relaxing.
He also expressed his personal sentiments that how excited he is because of the fact that he would now be able to travel back to Turkey to see his friends and family in Ankara from the London Luton Airport.

Wilken Bellmann who is heading the network planning and scheduling for SunExpress was delighted to be at the London Luton Airport to bear witness to the first flight taking the passengers off to Antalya.
He exclaimed that he along with his team was proud to have launched so many new routes from the United Kingdom to Turkey, making it very easy for British tourists and local Turkish community to fly to multiple cities of Turkey directly from the London Luton Airport.

Future Prospects

This step initiated by the SunExpress Airlines will serve the purpose of elevating the position of the London Luton Airport internationally, enabling it to earn a good repute and a better traffic in the following years. Owing to the fact that the service initiated is the first of its kind from the United Kingdom, directly to the fascinating cities of Turkey, London Luton Airport would now be a preference of many people of the surrounding cities. This will enable the airport and the airlines to generate a greater revenue and will also facilitate the people, helping them to travel all the way from one continent to another. It is believed to have a significant impact on the Turkish Tourism Industry as the primary attractions of Turkey have been covered under this initiative of SunExpress from the London Luton Airport, which will make it less of a hassle for tourists to book their flights to their dream destinations.
Moreover, it is also expected to establish a better communication and relations between the two countries by bridging the gap with a flight as smooth and comfortable as SunExpress has to offer!

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