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Mohamed Fazith Ansari
Good service..
J Williams
Efficient service, very easy to use. Speedy drop-off and car returned promptly in same condition I left it in.. Friendly meet and greet would definitely again.
Absolutely great service, would recommend without hesitation. Excellent customer service. Smooth and efficient drop off and pick up.
I would definitely use them again. I had no issues and they very efficient and professional.
Clear instructions, easy to use and very punctual.
I would like to congratulate this meet and greet company on the way they treat their customers , they are professional and courteous in all aspects of customer service, I will use them and recommend them again .
Very please with the service. Received a call just prior to our arrival for an update on our expected time, also received a call once plain landed on the return date. Hassle free and easy to use, would use again.
My car was picked up in time at departure and on my return I called once I had picked up my baggage and the car was already there once I arrived at the meeting point.
I booked them after reading and comparing different services' reviews and I was not disappointed. They are prompt, courteous and good value for money. Will use them again
This was the cheapest option for parking at Luton Airport. The website may give the impression that one drives to the terminal drop off point and a uniformed driver will take the keys and park the car. It is nothing like that at Luton. One has to go to a particular area within the short term car park. When we arrived in the early morning while still dark it was absolute chaos. What had never been said is that five different companies operate similar services from that same area. Only one company (not 247) had a base (a simple umbrella with a portable desk). I was told by another customer that I had to join the queue but when I finally reached the front after 10 minutes I was informed that I was not one of their customers. None of the other 4 firms had any identifiable base. I returned to my abandoned car but there was nobody there to meet and greet me. After more phone calls to the number given someone from the correct company did appear. The nearest thing to a uniform was a high viz jacket. Despite being significantly delayed we caught the flight and on our return things went much more smoothly as we then knew about the five firms and I recognised my own car when it turned up. It would be much better if there was a single office for all five parking operations and the facts need to be explained clearly when booking and clearly signed when one arrives in the designated place.

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